I have always had a curiosity for hybridity, or the ways in which
generational histories and cultures converge at my identity as a
mixed-race Latina. A childhood spent moving across Texas led me to
both embrace a nomadic mantle and cherish those things that are
constant without place. I take inspiration from Gloria Anzaldua, who
desired to build with her “own feminist architecture”.

My work explores heritage and questions the power it has over my
identity and personal transition. I draw from family archives, gesture,
and storytelling as case studies. I take the heirlooms I have and sift
through their implications, collecting certain ideas and materials and
reassembling them into new artifacts.

The work takes on a hybrid form, intersecting at new and old
technologies, in-between design, text, drawing, and printmaking. By
creating these new artifacts, I aim to construct a multifaceted legacy,
to rebuild the physical and mental space around what I inherit as a
woman and a mixed-race Latina.
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